Gamble Popularity

All cultures in the world gamble in one way or another. Ever since man could walk there probably have been some kinds of gambling. There is enough historical evidence to show that ancient cultures like the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks placed all kinds of different wagers on various sporting events like athletics, chariot racing, gladiator fights, and so on. There also is evidence that even older cultures used to gamble. This can be concluded by findings of dices and even backgammon boards of over five thousand years old and there is evidence that there was a lively gamble culture in China in the same period. Nowadays gambling still is a very popular pastime. Almost every country in the world has some kind of gambling games, like lotteries or scratch cards. Sports betting is also still very popular in most countries and so are casinos, that can be found everywhere in the world.

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Casino Origins

People used to gamble in local bars or at home and soon special gambling houses began to appear all over Europe. In the 17th century the first gambling houses that used the name casino made their appearance in Italy. The word casino originally meant something like summer house, but quite soon it became the name for places where people could enjoy all sorts of entertainment, like dance, music, and gambling. Through the years the name casino became exclusively linked to places where people could gamble and casinos began to spread across Europe. In modern times casinos have become a very popular pastime and millions of people visit a casino every year.

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Web Gambling

Around twenty years ago the first online casinos began to make their appearance and their popularity is growing ever since. The number of online casinos where online gambling is possible is growing every year and so is the number of people playing at these online casinos. You can find some reliable online casinos on To accommodate players who do not know much about web gambling and the online casino market, we have comprised this web gambling guide. We will dive a bit deeper in the web gambling subject. We will look at what advantages of an Online Casino and which gamble games can be played. We will also give you some tips for web gambling and look at some strategies to make your web gambling hopefully a bit more profitable.